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SUV Picks For Women – Clearview’s Top Ten

February 20, 2012

February 22, 2012. Clearview Automobiles, LLC in Edina, MN updated its Top Ten SUV Picks for Women. Over the past few years, nearly all manufacturers have introduced SUV’s that are targeted to women in a big way; the desired maneuverability and comfort of a sedan combined with the safety and all-wheel characteristics of a large SUV. Most insiders call these models “Crossovers”. These vehicles appeal to women because they have all-wheel-drive, they are easy to drive, they are a breeze to park at retailers, and the interior is upscale and roomy. Females gravitated to these vehicles as they moved away from large vehicles like the Chevrolet Tahoe and didn’t like the image that a minivan portrayed. Today, sleek styling, luxury features, and practicality are the primary considerations when sorting through SUV makes and models.

We conducted internal research, reviewed industry publications and spoke with our clients on SUV’s and Crossovers to provide insight into assembling the top ten picks. One statistic to note is that Over 50% of women polled prefer to drive an SUV over all other vehicles combined (minivans, small sedans, mid-size sedans, and trucks).

Enjoy the Top Ten SUV Picks for Women and feel free to respond with any comments you may have about your experience with SUV’s.

#10 Lexus RX 350 – The RX 350 continues to be a popular choice in the luxury crossover segment it helped establish over a decade ago. This vehicle has a powerful engine which leads to an engaging driving experience. Manufactured by Lexus, it is no surprise the RX 350 offers all the luxurious amenities, is quiet and very smooth on the road.

#9 Lincoln MKX – The Lincoln MKX makes a bold statement with its intrusive chrome front grill and sheered design. It also demands a luxury price point on its own merits, which include world-class features and interior appointments. Inside, the MKX has a swooping instrument panel and center stack implanted with big LCD screens.

#8 Nissan Murano – The Murano is one of the most stylish SUV’s on the road with it smooth and fluid lines, but it still makes a noticeable statement; a characteristic that is missing from other SUV’s. Driving the Murano is a pleasure and although cargo space is somewhat limited due to the slanted rear window design, the back seats can easily hold full-size adults comfortably.

#7 Hyundai Sante Fe – The affordable Hyundai Sante Fe provides numerous features while also providing ample space for passengers and camping gear. The spacious and comfortable cabin keeps the family happy while you drive in style and keep your budget intact.  For a mid-size crossover, the Santa Fe is the perfect combination of value, style and reliability.

#6 Toyota RAV4 – The RAV4 ranks in the middle of the pack based on our analysis of over 50 reviews. The RAV4 has a lot of cargo space, a powerful optional V6 engine and an optional third row. Beyond reliability and safety data, press writers admire the RAV4 year after year, and drivers can’t deny the practicality, safety and reliability that comes from Toyota.

#5 Kia Sorento – Korean manufacturer Kia offers the Sorento; an affordable alternative that looks imposing, is very reliable and is half the price of the prestige brands. The Sorento matches comfortable on-road handling with ease of everyday use and maneuverability. The Sorento is the perfect vehicle for the smart economic driver.

#4 Cadillac SRX – The SRX is one of the segment’s most powerful vehicles. It enhances a combination of performance, technology and refinement that is resonating with more luxury crossover customers. Retail sales rose over 15% in 2011. The SRX is quiet and refined with controls placed strategically throughout the vehicle.

#3 Kia Sportage – Kia’s mission in America over the past decade was to compete head-on with brands like Toyota and Honda. The Sportage competes fiercely in the SUV market in terms of design, features, reliability and safety–all at a retail price that is a value versus the competition. Kia’s eye for design and solid engineering is gaining more respect with consumers everyday.

#2 Mazda CX-7 – The CX-7 is a midsize Crossover SUV with a sporty personality. Its quick acceleration and precise handling is backed by an exterior with sleek lines and aggressive design. The tapered roof line make the vehicle look more like a sports car than an SUV, but the CX-7 lives up to its sporty reputation as a vehicle that can handle the road with power and respect.

#1 Ford Escape Hybrid – The Ford Escape Hybrid was the first mass-produced battery-assisted SUV on the market when it launched in 2004, and it was the first hybrid SUV to offer performance and handling similar to traditional gas-powered counterparts with virtually no compromises. In 2008, the Escape received its first major design change and recently a complete re-design based on the Ford Focus was revealed in Las Vegas. The Ford Escape Hybrid is a well established model that has risen above the cache of being a hybrid. It’s simply a good SUV with great fuel economy at a great price point.

The top ten SUV picks for women from Clearview is a great starting point as you consider your next vehicle purchase. Long gone are the days of choosing from a Chevrolet Tahoe or a Ford Expedition–most people now consider them too cumbersome for daily driving. The top ten picks also represent a solid range of brands, price points, features, fuel economy and reliability. Surprised one of your favorites isn’t on Clearview’s list? Let us know what you think by posting to this blog:)


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  1. Ione permalink

    What about the CX7? Nice SUV! #1!!

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